Boost your UX design with artificial intelligence

AI is becoming more relevant in every field every day. Due to its powers, many people are afraid of being replaced by AI. Luckily, at UX design we have nothing to worry about for a long time.


Actually, we should start considering AI rather as an ally than an enemy. By using Artificial Intelligence in our designing process, we can improve them by making them shorter or take them to the next level.


In this post, I would like to share with you some tools/ software that allow us to use AI for UX.


Kemvy allows you to understand where the users will pay more attention. Kemvy uses artificial intelligence to predict where humans look at your site, so that you can understand which parts are working properly and which ones are not. 

AI applied to AB testing to improve your web desing instantly, UX design

Once you know this, you can go back to improve your UX design and run Kemvy again for further feedback. Since it is an AI-powered prediction, you get the feedback instantly with no need for user traffic and waiting for weeks.

Thanks to Kemvy you can get the optimal design of your site even before launching it.

Heatmap representing the attention received by each element of the site

ABtesting makes use of artificial intelligence to improve your headlines and copies. Thanks to the use of GPT-3, they offer automated text suggestions for your headline, copy and Call To Action. With it, you could save time by letting the AI do the hard work for you, and you can focus on the strategic parts of the process.

AI applied to AB testing to get the best copies, UX design

ABtesting could be considered on the edge with growth hacking rather than UX design, since what they do is boost your conversion rates. But at the end of the day all of these tools should be used combined to get the most out of them.

Modify the original copy into a more engaging one


Another great example of AI boosting your UX design is Fronty. One of those great tools for no-coding. With Fronty you can upload an image and get it converted into a HTML or CSS directly. 

Imagine having your own design created and being able to convert that into a ready-to-go website within minutes. Also really handy when you find a design that you love and want to get inspired by.

Artificial intelligence AI applied to AB testing to create web desing instantly, UX design

Insert the image, get the code, create your site.

With Uizard, by using AI, one can generate native mobile applications directly from sketches. That is not all, apart from automating the design process, it also focuses on generating code from the sketch. Uizard without a doubt one of the best options if you want to design and test the flow with users.

Create instantly templates with Uizard, Artificial Intelligence  UX design

Sketched translated instantly into web design

Now we are a bit more familiar with the whole UX design powered by AI.


As we have seen, AI is helping us everyday more and more to boost the process of UX design. Hope you liked these tools and get the most out of them!