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Say goodbye to A/B testing thanks to AI powered analysis

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Measure visual attention of your site with eye-tracking technology powered by AI. Get insights of your user behaviour as heatmaps within minutes.

Kemvy has been trained with thousands of websites and images to predict where humans will look at your site. 

Tested with the highest-standard benchmarks, including IBM's, Kemvy has proven to get a extremely high accuracy.



How it works


1. Insert the url of your site.
We will automatically detect some important sections of your site.

2. Kemvy calculates the most eye-catching items of the site. 
And it will score the areas with the percentage of attention received in each of them.


3. Insights are delivered as a heatmap directly in your inbox. Optimize your site by placing the right buttons on the right places. Get the best version of your site with no need to wait for significant amount of traffic.

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